Chemical Agents / OC / Pepper Spray

Chemical Agents / OC / Pepper Spray:

  • A tear gas/chemical agents permit is required to carry for defensive purposes while working as a security officer. A permit card is issued the day you complete the course.
  • This training course is included in the Level 3 course at no additional cost.
  • That means there is no additional fee of $30.00 for this training when you are participating in the Phase 3 Course!
  • This course was designed by our POST-approved instructors and implemented from the local Public Safety Officers course.
  • This course more than satisfies the instructional requirements necessary for private citizens or security personnel who wish to possess a large 3 oz. “Police” size canister of pepper spray “OC”.
  • This course will instruct its participants in the history of “OC”, its ingredients, legal aspects, deployment/use, first aid, legal documentation, disposal, and report writing.
  • Participants who complete this course will be issued a wallet size certificate, which security personnel must have in their possession while on duty.
  • This course is four hours in length in order to cover all the aspects of legal and civil litigation.